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Cairns Printing and 

Graphic Design


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Cairns Printing and Graphic Design, 68 Sawpit St, Mt Sheridan, Cairns, 4869, Queensland, Australia
Phone: (07) 4036 3673;      Mobile: 0409 397 777


ABN:  36 201 657 192


We have been a registered business since 2009 and look forward to many years of doing what we enjoy most in the world, working with people.
Cairns Printing and Graphic Design is in the business of creating content for printing campaigns. We provide our clients with quality, printed material at realistic prices in the shortest possible time. Cairns Printing and Graphic Design provides free technical assistance to achieve your goals.

Number of employees: 2. (Husband and Wife operation). Location: Home-based business in Mt Sheridan, Cairns, North Queensland. Year founded: 2009.

Most of us have a copy of Microsoft Office. So that is a good place to start. You can create documents in Word, Excel, and Publisher. Depending on your skills in using these programmes, you will be able to put together a basic print item, but be aware of the pitfalls.  These packages don't support true full colour (CMYK) reproduction so the colours on your screen will, on most occasions, look different when printed. Another pitfall for using the Microsoft Office tools to publish your artwork is the lack of "bleed" options which ultimately means you will not have ink from edge to edge, leaving a white border margin which may make the printed item look amateurish.
These packages are a good start and introduction to graphic and print designs.  So why not use them as a starting block and get us to finish the artwork in our studio. The industry standard for editing all images is Adobe Photoshop. This package is immensely powerful. It is able to do everything from drawing shapes to advanced editing of photos and colour correction. If you are publishing single or multi page documents, we recommend Adobe InDesign. We prefer PDF files, as all data, fonts and colour information is collated into a compacted space to help us produce your artwork as expected. We can always help you create your graphic design. If it is a requirement for you to create your own print artwork, we recommend you supply high resolution, print-ready PDF files. Contact us any time for free technical assistance, or guidance on where to start.
   * Business Cards designed and printed.                            * Flyers designed and printed.                   * Raffle Tickets designed and printed.
   * Office Stationery designed and printed.                         * Newsletters designed and printed.          * Magazines and Booklets designed and printed.
   * All your graphic design and printing requirements.       * No job too big or too small.                    * Technical Assistance and Quotes FREE of charge.


Cairns Printing & Graphic Design,
68 Sawpit St, Mt Sheridan, 4868
Phone 4036 3673 or 0409 397 777

Jasmine Phillips  -  25 years printing and graphic art experience